Противорубцовый Эффект

Fermencol. Anti-Scar Effect

FERMENCOL is an enzymatic agent made from collagenase of hydrobionts having a pronounced anti-scar effect. A complex of 9 collagenolytic protease with a weight from 23 to 36 kDa.

Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

Fermencol enzymatic correction set

Fermencol enzymatic agent, dry active substance, 4 mg
Solaktin agent for enzymatic solution, 40ml
Fermencol gel

Fermencol gel 0.01 %, 30g


FERMENCOL has an integrated effect on all extracellular scar matrix components and shows:
  • high collagenolytic activity
  • amylolytic activity
  • general proteolytic activity


Collagen triple helix breaks down into separate amino acids under the action of Fermencol.



Fermencol shows an apparent collagenolytic activity against the excessive collagen in scar tissue, providing deep collagen peptide bond hydrolysis. Collagen is hydrolyzed until it splits into single amino acids.

Fermencol shows high selective activity in relation to the branched molecules of pathological collagen with knotted and vortex folding patterns specific for keloid and hypertrophic cicatrices; shows less activity to native collagen fibrils of a healthy connective tissue. Scar reduction occurs due to dissolution of excessive collagen.

When Fermencol is used for elimination of acne and its consequences, it causes dissolution of a scar capsule around an inflamed gland, facilitating gland cleaning, reduction in scar volume and skin smoothing.

In addition to collagenolytic activity, Fermencol shows general proteolytic activity and ability to hydrolyze polysaccharides, which has an integral effect on all components of a scar extracellular matrix. As a result of Fermencol application, the scars are reduced and scar tissue hydration comes to normal.



Prior to the treatment procedure it is required to clean the scar area using an appropriate cleanser. Apply a thin layer of the gel.

Mode of application: the current density is to be no more than 400 mW/cm2 for scars located on body and limbs, and no more than 200 mW/cm2 when located on facial area.

The duration of exposure is 3 – 5 min for one area. It is required to stay indoors for 30 min after treatment.

Duration of treatment is 10 – 12 applications.

Frequency of application: recommended at the same time daily.

Treatment interval is 10 – 14 days.



E-mail: fermencol@fermencol.ru